Xiamen Stone Fair 2021: restarting business after Corona as an event for more than only one material and with new ideas for the usage of natural stone

With a new profile, the Xiamen Stone Fair aims to become as big as it was in 2018. Source: Fair

“Good design is good business“ will be the new guideline for presentations on interior design and product development

After a year of fair cancellations all over the world, Xiamen Stone Fair is the first event to confirm its dates for 2021 and to counter the corona crisis with a new concept: the event will take place from May 18 to 21, and it will present new materials and accessories around the usage of stone as well as more of interior architecture and product design.

The latest newsletter lists the new main topics (in addition to the previous ones): “Sintered stone, kitchen and bathroom supplies, intelligent manufacturing, environmental-friendly materials, customization and more can be found in the show. In the past years, the fair had already had such presentations but now they shall be part of the new profile.“

“The linkage of design and stone“ is another key issue, as said in the newsletter. This shall bring new visitors to the fair: “Xiamen Stone Fair has achieved strategic cooperation intention with design organizations and real estate associations like International Habitat Interior Design Association and China Real Estate Association. Media of design, house, and home industry will join as well to create a buzz.“

Obviously, on the occasion of the 20th jubilee of the fair, the organizers were concerned that other stone events in the West have lost their visitors from architecture and design.

The organizers are also decided not to let the new type of the Xiamen Stone Fair turn into a merely intellectual meeting. “Teams have been created to bring the new targeted visitors in contact with the exhibiting stone producers or organize study tours to manufacturers in the Xiamen area.“

The Stone Infinite exhibition, with its focus on product design, will again be part of the event. “Good design is good business“ shall be one of the guiding lines, as said in the newsletter. The exhibition to be held in Hall A1 will have Xiaojie as chief curator, LAU Siu-Hong, Freeman as the visual identity design consultant, and Wang Xiangrong as art consultant.

As in the years before, architecture with natural stone will continue to be a key topic for lectures. “Industry forums (shall) focus on hot topics and pain points and visualize the installation, conservation, and after-sales services.“

According to the newsletter, despite the travel restrictions, there will be an international section of the fair: “We contacted with overseas companies and actively assist those who will send employees or agents in China to attend the fair. National delegations from Italy, Turkey, and Portugal are under orderly preparations.“

And apart from the above-mentioned – real – events planned on the Xiamen fairground, there will be the virtual “Cloud“ as an online-extension. Its latest publication on the internet was a series of videos from quarries from all over the world dubbed “Quarry Planet“.

Xiamen Stone Fair, May 18-21, 2021

Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair

(10.01.2021, USA: 01.10.2021)