Xiamen Stone Fair from May 18 to 21, 2021: “Stone in Daily Life“ will be the theme for an entire hall

The floor plan of Xiamen Stone Fair 2021.

Artificial stone will be added as a focal point, and one hall will be about kitchens and bathrooms / Only slightly reduced exhibition area

The exhibition area of the Xiamen Stone Fair, scheduled for May 18-21, 2021, will be slightly smaller than the last time 2 years ago. This is mainly due to the significantly lower number of international exhibitors expected because of Corona. Yet far more significant are the new orientations, with which the organizer Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co wants to break new ground: artificial stone will be added as a new focus next to natural stone and its machinery, product design and stone in kitchens and bathrooms will also be shown more prominently than before.

Thus, in its 21st edition, the world’s largest stone trade show is taking a big step away from focusing solely on one material. Numerous other stone fairs had missed this decision in the past and had to experience how architects and designers as two important target groups turned to other shows. But Xiamen Stone Fair is explicitly presenting new attractions to these visitors.

Another innovation: This year, the fair will not use the areas on the 2nd floor with their typical small booths. More than this, the halls A7 and A8 in the extension of the international halls will not be occupied.

For comparison: the 2019 floor plan.For comparison, here the exhibition plan for 2019.

In its press release, the trade fair lists the occupancy of the halls:
* “Hall C1-C5, C3L, B6 and A5-A6 display numerous natural stone and stone products from China;
* Hall B3-B7 is for machinery and tools in which smart manufacturing will be a highlight;
* The International Area is planned in Hall A4-A5 where most national delegations and overseas exhibiting companies will send staff or agents in China to represent their booths;
* Hall A2-A3 is organized for artificial stone;
* Hall W is for raw stone blocks and large machines.“

In addition, there are the new thematic focal points in the 2 halls to the right and left of the main entrance. There, the wide field of the use of natural stone is the topic:
* In Hall A1, “Stones in Daily Life“ is the headline. In recent years, the fair had already shown product design examples in its “Stone Infinite“ exhibition, but now the theme is much broader.

Mentioned in the press-release are “6 sections“ for Hall A 1: “Art in Stones, Life in Stones, Artifacts in Stones, Constructions in Stones, Salon in Stones and Tea Break in Stones.“ Xiaojie is the chief curator, freeman LAU Siu-Hong the visual identity design consultant and Wang Xiangrong the art consultant.

The fair designates Hall A 1 as the “Design & Education Area“, where there will also be a “Xiamen Habitat Design & Life Festival“. Important international media from these areas have been invited to cover the presentations.

In hall B 1, on the other side of the main entrance, the “Xiamen Bath and Kitchen Fair“ will be located. Note: this new exhibition focus is dubbed as “Fair“ (exhibition).

With these measures, the organizer obviously wants to move the fair‘s profile away from a show for only one material towards a show for several topics.

As in previous years, architecture will also be a main theme, and the well-known industry forums will also be held again. New is the “Cloud“ as a virtual extension.

Xiamen Stone Fair, May 18 – 21, 2021

Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair

The big soup bowl will not be affected by the changes in the fair‘s concept.