With “Essential“ and “Essential Plus“, Italian Laperla Marmi returns to simple geometric forms for free-standing washbasins

Laperla Marmi: “Essential Plus“.

“Essential“ and “Essential Plus“ are new lines of bathroom furnishing elements by Italian Laperla Marmi company. “Monolithic aesthetics meets functionality“ is the message of the design.

The free-standing washbasins have 3 simple geometrical forms: “Due + Due“ is a rectangle, “Quattro“ a square, and “Sei“ a hexagon.

The pieces are available in the many different marble types listed in the „Materials“ section on the webpage.

„With a contemporary design, a strong appeal and character, Laperla products are available in various formats and sizes, calibrated, processed with several finishes and textures, with a stain-resistant pre-treatment,“ the company based in the Valle del Chiampo near Verona states on its webpage.

And: “For 50 years, Laperla Marmi‘s team carefully and proficiently selects the most beautiful and suitable marbles for carrying out different ideas of projects. Driven by the passion for the art of marble processing, we have been specializing in the creation of tailor-made solutions from the raw block for architecture and interior design, using marbles with a stain-resistant treatment.“

Laperla Marmi

Laperla Marmi: “Essential“.Laperla Marmi: “Essential“.

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