CRISTALLO PINK, a glass-like quarzite with 98,5% quartz from Brazil’s state of Ceará

Cristallo pink quartzite.

Name: Cristallo pink

Stone Type: Quartzite

Color: Glassy pink

Quarry location: Independência, Ceará, Brazil

Cristallo pink quartzite.

Peculiarities of the stone: The pink crystalline has 98.5% Quartz. It is quite translucent and besides pink it has fine veins of white quartz that accentuate its originality and its immense possibility of pieces with high nobility.

Application: Cladding, floor, countertop, shower tray and washbasin. Very easy to clean, without special products.

Finishes: Polished

Company: BRSTONE / HEAD are Brazilian companies that extract this material in partnership.

Contact: HEAD PARTICIPACÕES – Rua Zildênia 1166, sala 04 Eusébio, Ceará, Brazil, tel: + 55 85 99963 5607, Mail: Mr. Igor ALENCAR

Cristallo pink quartzite.Cristallo pink quartzite.Cristallo pink quartzite.Cristallo pink quartzite.