Sculptors deal with the Covid-19 topic (1): a marble baby figure in Naples as well as a modern plague column and a stele with the distance “1.5 m“ in Germany

„Look-Down“ by Jago, Piazza Plebescito in Naples.

We took a look at what artists have been thinking about the COVID-19 19 pandemic

Readers are invited to send us photos and short descriptions of their works (Mail). We will publish them in a second report.

In Naples, the marble sculpture “Look-Down“ by Italian artist Jacopo Cardillo has been lying on the Piazza Plebescito for some time. The title is a pun on lockdown, one of the terms that by now the whole world has learned. With the oversized baby figure chained to his wrist, Jago, the sculptor’s artist name, symbolically wants to draw attention to the weakest in societies – those most affected by the virus, he wants to say. The photo was made available to us by our partner magazine Marmomacchine.

“At a distance 1.5“ in Mühlhausen-Sulz, Bavaria.In southern Germany, a 3-meter-high stele with the title “At a distance 1.5“ has been standing in the town of Mühlhausen since summer 2020. It was made of Jurassic limestone and implements the distance regulation artistically: 5 sculptors (Michael Königer, Stefan Fürbacher, Günter Schinn, Michael Lynderup and Oskar Reihmeier) each had one day to create a small block of stone. Photos: Mühlhausen

On Sunday, February 21, 2021 in Codogno in Northern Italy, a memorial was unveiled where the first case of Corona had been discovered a year before.

Germany: The sculptor Helmut Schlegel from Happerg, not far from Munich, has created a sculpture in the style of the medieval plague columns.

A BBC report gives an overview: how artists are depicting the lockdown

United Kingdom: Luke Jerram has created many glass models of bacteria and now one of the Covid-19 virus (video).

Italy: Architect Stefano Boeri – well-known for his “Vertical Forest“ in Milan – has developed the architectural and communicative concept behind the Corona-vaccination campaign. The motto is “With a flower, Italy comes back to life“.

(22.02.2021, USA: 02.22.2021)