Levantina marks International Women’s Day: “Women bring different skills to the company, such as communication, patience, and empathy“

Screenshot from the video.

The Spanish natural stone group presents 5 of its female employees in a video

To mark International Women’s Day yesterday (March 08, 2021), Spain’s Levantina Group has launched a video featuring its “Female talent“. Under the motto “Real-Life Stories“ is told in just under 4 minutes how the ladies came to the stone industry and how they feel there.

They are Maria José, Maitê, Rosa, Astrea, and Veronica: the first one is Operations Manager in the giant Monte Coto Quarries, the second one is Account Manager for Latin America, follows the representative for marble blocks, the fourth one works at Levantina’s artificial stone brand Techlam and we see her driving the forklift, finally the warehouse manager in Dallas, TX.

Rosa says when asked how she copes in the male-dominated natural stone world: “I’ve always felt very comfortable, very well respected.“

Marie José launches an appeal: “I encourage every woman who wants to join this adventure and form part of the natural stone industry to do so.“

Veronica says women can strengthen the sector: “Women bring different skills to the company, such as communication, patience, and empathy.“

We add: the stone sector cannot do without women as employees – after all, its primary target groups are architects and interior designers, and in these professions, the proportion of women is high or very high, respectively.

The motto of this year’s International Women’s Day, proclaimed by the United Nations, was “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.“ It was meant to highlight that the pandemic has increased many burdens and disadvantages for women.


(09.03.2021, USA: 03.09.2021)