EU program “Mine.The.Gap“: Promotion of innovation in the raw materials industry, including the natural stone sector

Logo of „Mine.The.Gap“.

Until May 08, 2021, interested companies can submit “solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain“

The European raw materials industry needs innovation, both in terms of its environmental and its technological aspects. This is the starting point of the European Commission’s “Mine.The.Gap” program. For the next 3 years, €4 million are available to support projects from medium-sized enterprises. The total budget is €5 million.

The raw materials industry comprises the natural stone sector. Countries involved in the program are Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.

As is usual with EU programs, preference is given to projects in which partners from different countries work together.

In essence, a company active in extraction should team up with 2 technology firms and carry out an innovative project. By technology is meant the broad field from computers and internet to circular economy and resource efficiency.

There are contact points for companies to get more information. The overall program is coordinated by the Spanish ICAMCyL Foundation (International Center for Advanced Materials and Raw Materials). In total, “at least 30 projects with up to 90 companies will be financed, benefiting up to 90 SMEs from the sectors involved,“ as is said on the foundation‘s website.

The 1st call runs until May 05, 2021. Interested companies can submit a, by EU standards, very short project description of 20 pages.


Contact points

ICAMCyL Foundation

(08.04.2021, USA: 04.08.2021)