Granite LENNON with the typical crystals of quartz, feldspar, and mica evocatively reflecting on the surface, from Levantina

Levantina: Lennon granite.Levantina: Lennon granite.

Name: Lennon (Naturamia® Collection)

Stone Type: Granite

Color: A mix of whites, greys, and blues scored with dark veins. Available in a more white or more grey variation.

Quarry location: Goiás, Brazil

Levantina: Lennon granite.Levantina: Lennon granite.

Peculiarities of the stone: Lennon granite from the Naturamia® Collection, just like pop music, transmits a whole world of sensations in the spaces where it is installed. In its vintage version, the light is gently softened, and in a gloss finish, the surfaces project a kaleidoscopic, superb effect. The stone may have a bacteriostatic treatment or a stain-resistant treatment.

Application: suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor projects

Finishes: all types of finishes

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Levantina is a Spanish group with world-wide activity including 40 quarries, 8 factories, 28 distribution centers, and all in all some 200 types of natural stone in its program. It exports to 110 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East, and Asia.
Levantina Group

Contact: Autovía Madrid-Alicante, s/n, 03660 Novelda (Alicante) España
Tel: +34 96 560 91 84

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Levantina: Lennon granite.