Opera Contemporary’s new products: wood as protagonist with a selection of noble materials including marble, leather and metal

Opera Contemporary: New Brian tables.

Italian Opera Contemporary furniture producer sent us the following press release about ist new products. We show the objects where stone is used:

“The new products of Opera Contemporary stand out for the poised dialogue between wood, the true protagonist, and a selection of noble materials including marble, cowhide and metal.

Opera Contemporary: New Brian tables.

In the New Brian tables, the metal structure composed of harmoniously asymmetrical legs supports an elegant marble top with rounded and beveled borders. The design of these pieces is enhanced by the flush-mounted insertion of a precious, discreet metal part with the engraved logo of the brand.

Opera Contemporary: Taylor bookcase.

The Taylor bookcase is a freestanding vertical unit, iconic and ethereal, architectural and functional, characterized by the combination of the delicate geometric structure in metal with shelves in leather, wood and marble, underscoring the refined approach to materials of Opera Contemporary.

The stylistic approach guided by the art direction of the studio Bestetti Associati brings out the unique identity and value of Opera Contemporary, a brand that creates refined settings thanks to furnishings that are seductive for their harmonious forms, hues and materials, carefully selected and combined.“

Under the motto The Motto “A history of excellence and craftmanship in Italy”, a brief introduction to the company history is given on its webpage: “The roots of Opera Contemporary are connected with the story of a visionary family, which since 1886 has operated in the world of woodworking, achieving remarkable crafted excellence to produce an inseparable blend of innovation and tradition. From a small crafts workshop that made objects of the highest quality for third parties, to the development of a special collection under the trademark of Angelo Cappellini, a leader in the classic furnishings sector on an international level. Finally, in 2010 came the creation of the Opera Contemporary brand, with the goal – visionary, once again – of developing habitat settings in step with the times, enhanced by a mixture of fine detailing and master craftsmanship.“

Opera Contemporary

Opera Contemporary: Taylor bookcase.Opera Contemporary: Taylor bookcase.

(22.04.2021, USA: 04.22.2021)