Natural Stone Institute Introduces New CEU Course entitled “Natural Stone Principles”

Website of the new CEU Course entitled “Natural Stone Principles”.

In our NSI-channel, we publish the following information from the Natural Stone Institute:

Natural Stone Principles is an updated, industry-relevant version of the popular “Natural Stone 101” course. Natural Stone Principles includes a renewed focus on how natural stone can be utilized in design. The course reflects current trends and innovations in stone use. Natural Stone Principles has been approved for credit through AIA, IDCEC, LACES, and NKBA for on demand, live in person, and live webinar attendance.

Lurvey Supply’s Daniel Wood, chair of the Natural Stone Institute Education Committee, commented: “With natural stone being the most sustainable material in the built environment, it was important to our committee to create this course. Natural Stone Principles thoroughly reflects updates and changes within the industry, technology, and materials, and will be an invaluable resource to everyone in the design community.”

This new course is available to certified CEU speakers for download and presentation through the CEU Events dashboard. A recorded version of the course is available on demand in the Natural Stone University to receive credit or view as a training tool for future presentations. To learn more about becoming a certified CEU speaker through the Natural Stone Institute, visit

To learn more about Natural Stone Principles and to access the on-demand recording of this course, visit

(27.04.2021, USA: 04.27.2021)