Polycor Announces Plans to be Carbon Neutral by 2025

Logo of Polycor.

The Canada based stone company “aims to revolutionize the manufacturing industry with leadership on decarbonization“

Polycor Inc., one of the largest quarriers of natural stone in the world, announced its plans to be carbon neutral by the end of 2025. It is the first natural stone quarrier to make such a commitment to carbon neutrality, and among the first in the manufacturing industry to take a leadership role on the essential work of decarbonization, as said in a press release. “As an organization, we have a history and brand focused on global leadership, with a reputation of prioritizing and fostering sustainability, innovation, and environmental stewardship,” said Patrick Perus, CEO of Polycor Inc. “Our move toward being carbon neutral by 2025 puts the company five years ahead of the curve set by the American Institute of Architects’ call to become carbon neutral by 2030.“

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) identifies the year 2030 as a tipping point that will require significant reduction in emissions. The building industry, which accounts for 39% of annual global GHG (greenhouse gas)emissions, bears a tremendous responsibility to mitigate global environmental risk.

To help support its goal of being carbon neutral by 2025, Polycor will focus its efforts and improvements on the following areas:
* Electrification: By the end of 2025, Polycor will increase its use of renewable energy so that 75% of its energy comes from renewable sources.
* Fuel use: Polycor will significantly reduce its traditional carbon-based fuel use. Through installing electrical charging stations at plants, and prioritizing new vehicles with alternative fuel sources, the company will significantly increase the miles per gallon across its fleet.
* Waste reduction: Polycor will meaningfully increase production efficiencies; these efficiencies will increase product yield, emphasize sustainable packaging, reduce chemical use, and will prioritize recycling and reuse.
* Offsetting and rehabilitation: Carbon offsetting activities, such as upcoming tree planting campaigns, will create essential carbon sinks, decreasing the net total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. From the beautification to the repurposing of former production sites, rehabilitation and reclamation will be an important sustainability activity for Polycor and will provide immediate benefits to local communities.

About Polycor: Founded in Québec City (Canada) in 1987, the company now employs nearly 1,300 people and owns over 50 quarries and 20 manufacturing plants across North America and Europe.


(27.04.2021, USA: 04.27.2021)