Latest news: Marble fair in Izmir 2021 is to be held from August 25 to 28, as usual at the exhibition center of Gaziemir

26th Marble fair, Izmir.

The organizer announces a broad program and has used the time with Covid-19 to clean up the homepage and make it user-friendly

The 26th Marble fair in Izmir is to be held in 2021 from August 25 to 28 as usual at the exhibition center in Gaziemir district. The fair‘s board has taken the decision, these days. The 3rd World Stone Summit is to be held simultaneously there, and also, with a slight shift, the 6th International Stone Congress.

26th Marble fair, Izmir.

A look at the webpage shows that the municipal organizer has made good use of the Covid-19 year 2020: the internet presence is now clearer and more user-friendly than before, and the corporate identity created some time ago can be found on all pages. Part of the brand is the color red and are geometric elements, as they are playfully used on a page.

As in previous years, numerous events will accompany the fair.

First up is the World Stone Summit, which took place for the first time in 2018. This year, the range of topics and the number of speakers will be expanded, as said on the webpage. The long list includes a large number of questions that stone companies are currently dealing with. We pick out a few:

* The state of the industry during the pandemic,
* Increases / decreases in exports,
* Adding added value to stone,
* Opening the marble quarries for touristic visits,
* Increasing the use of natural stones,
* Region-specific stones,
* Handling marble waste,
* Environmentally friendly mining technologies.

6th International Stone Congress.

Many of the topics also appear in the 6th International Stone Congress program, which is announced for August 23 – 29, one day before and one day after the fair.

Other events mentioned on the webpage include:
* a “VR Experience“ that will highlight the way from stone processing in Roman times in Ephesus to today’s technologies;
* 3D tours of historical sites such as prehistoric Göbeklitepe or houses of worship of various religions;
* for students, there will be competitions, as usual, on stone design and new on geoengineering. They reflect the Turkish stone sector’s remarkable efforts to find new ideas for the use of its varieties and to raise a new generation of mining and processing professionals.

26th Marble Fair, Izmir

6th International Stone Congress

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