Andrew and Filippo dining tables with marble top from Dom Edizioni, an Italian producer of luxury furniture

Dom Edizioni: Andrew dining table.

Italian luxury furniture company Dom Edizioni sent us a press kit about its novelties presented during the design week in Milan 2021. We show the items where stone is used:

The Andrew dining table is a sculptural table. Its distinctive feature is the metal base, made by several curved components that perfectly blend together to create a single element of satin brass, glossy brass, bronze or chrome. Andrew takes the scene with majesty and self-confidence. The top, available in a round or elliptical version, and in various and precious finishes, such as marble, macassar ebony, maple, lacquered wood and glass, attaches itself to its metal structure with a perfect support. The choice of glass makes Andrew a real work of art: thanks to its transparency allows a complete view of the metal base underneath the top. Making himself the leading protagonist of every environment.

Satin brass metal base, purple white marble top.
Metal base available also in gloss brass, bronze or chrome. Top available also in Zebra black marble, macassar ebony, birdseye maple, lacquered wood and glass.

Dimensions: cm 280 x 130 x 75 H

Dom Edizioni: Filippo dining table.

The Filippo dining table is the meeting of elegance with a delicate informality: an elliptical top whose white marble is crossed by the dark mark of a branched interlacing of natural veins, on a pedestal with simple and reliable lines like the feet of a design lunar lander. Filippo furnishes with confidence and a clear sense of proportion; it gets dinner chairs and dinner benches to offer us the joy of a brunch at home. On the top, which is available in a round or elliptical shape, the Purple White marble variety combines the suggestions of natural beauty with the perfection of the polished surface. Other choices for the top (macassar ebony, maple, lacquered) and for the pedestal finishes respond to the variety of personal tastes and environments.

Bicolored base: gloss black lacquered and satin brass.
Top: Purple White marble
Base available in gloss brass, gloss chrome, bronze, satin brass or lacquered wood. Details available also in gloss chrome, bronze and gloss brass. Top available also in Zebra Black marble, macassar ebony, birdseye maple and lacquered wood.

Dimensions: cm 240 x 120 x 75 H

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness: the formula made famous by Baudelaire and Matisse sums up DOM Edizioni’s view of beauty and living spaces … Founded in 2011 by Domenico Mula, the maison operates from its two headquarters in Cesena and Milan. The space in Cesena is located in the frame of a magnificent deconsecrated church, a suggestive and enchanting environment. While the Milanese showroom is a refined apartment in the area of the Fashion District, a real reference point always available to architects and interior designers.

The second generation is already growing in the Company: the two sons of the Art Director. Ludovica in the role of chief designer and brand strategist; Filippo to direct the commercial management in Italy and UAE. Today they trace the future path of DOM Edizioni with Domenico Mula.

Dom Edizioni

Photos: Lea Anouchinsky

(06.05.2021, USA: 05.06.2021)