on form sales exhibition for stone sculptures open on-site at Asthall Manor and virtually until May 31, 2021

Benji Lowsley-Williams: ”Encompass“, Purbeck marble, 180cm x 150cm x 35cm (sold).

Under the title “on form onlocked“ the well-known sales exhibition for stone sculptures will be held on-site at Asthall Manor and virtually until May 31, 2021. “This will be a different experience from our traditional midsummer show: gentler and less busy, as befits the times we are living in, but as welcoming, inspirational, and beautiful as ever,“ the organizers write on the webpage.

And: “Visitors must book an entry time in advance; we will not admit drop-ins this year. You are given an hour during which you may enter, and we have a relaxed policy about how long you stay. Most people stay between one and three hours.“

Special events will be held, and the Potting Shed café will be open for drinks and cakes (no lunches this year) so that guests may switch between the exhibition and the café.

Asthall Manor is located about 20 miles west of Oxford. The works are exhibited outside in the beautiful landscape along the valley of the River Windrush and inside the historical buildings. The organizers used to follow a ”Please DO touch” policy. In 2018, over 250 sculptures were sold. and over 10,000 people came.

On form 2021

(09.05.2021, USA: 05.09.2021)