The 2020 figures for Italy’s exports of natural stone are dire (-17,3 %) and continue the trend of recent years

Italy has generated a decline in natural stone exports for the 5th consecutive year.

Decline also in exports of technology, but this is solely due to the Covid 19 pandemic

With far worse figures than other countries, Italy’s exporters of natural stone come out of 2020: their exports decreased by (-)17.3%, reaching a total of only €1.503 billion (2019: €1.816 billion). The data has been published by Confindustria Marmomacchine on its webpage.

Thus, Italy has generated a decline in natural stone exports for the 5th consecutive year. Meanwhile, it is far from the peak of 2015, when it had just surpassed the margin of €2 billion: with this time €1.503 billion, it is about a quarter lower than then.

Part of the decrease in 2020 is due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, it is noteworthy that the shipments of Italy’s companies to its most important market, the U.S., decreased by (-)15.4% to €312 million (2019: €369 million).

Yet, just there where money is really earned with final products, Turkey, for example, had achieved an increase of (+)13.72%. In general, Turkey’s export decline was also only -6.81%. Brazil also held up well in the U.S., so that over all it only had to record a general export decline of (-2.65%).

The decline in Italy’s shipments to the USA must also be described as worrying because private housing development experienced an increase in demand there as a result of Covid-19. Turkey and Brazil apparently benefited from this – Italy’s clear failure can only be interpreted as meaning that the image of its Made in Italy no longer meets customers’ wishes as it did for decades before.

On the other hand, deliveries to Germany, the second most important customer, were up by +13.1% (to €140.8 million), with Saudi Arabia in fifth place even up by +78.2% (to €57.5 million) and Qatar likewise up by +26.2% (to €39 million).

In general, however, there was a significant drop in the countries of the EU, ranging from (-)1.7% in the case of Austria to (-)29.4% for France.

Like all the other countries, Italy had to record the biggest drop in raw blocks to China (-35.4% to €133.8 million). This was solely due to Covid-19, as was the slump in blocks to India (-56.2% to €21.6 million).

Covid-19 also accounted for the declines in exports of machinery and tools: They amounted to (-)16.1% to €926 million (2019: €1.104 billion).

Confindustria Marmomacchine: Natural stone exports 2020

Confindustria Marmomacchine: Machinery and tools exports 2020

(10.05.2021, USA: 05.10.2021)