OON-Architecture: “Marble House“ with futuristic design language on the edge of a golf course in Buenos Aires

OON Architecture: “Marble House“.

The planners use slopes and angles to make the simple volumes appear to hover

Clear forms determine the architectural language at the “Marble House“ on the edge of Buenos Aires, write the planners from the office OON Architecture. At the same time, however, they also quote Albert Einstein with his famous sentence from another context: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.“ This and the architects’ play with the letters and shapes in their logo suggest that – unlike in the Bauhaus tradition, for example – the clear forms have great playful freedom.

OON Architecture: “Marble House“.

And they are so pronounced that they determine the character of the building: it can be seen as a kind of spaceship that has just landed on the edge of the golf course in the noble neighborhood of El Golf de Nordelta: in addition to the straight lines and right angles, everywhere you can find slopes and corners that give the house something futuristic. They not only break up the strict shapes, but also bring a strong movement of rising to the appearance.

This is also helped by how cleverly the architects have broken up the walls through their choice of materials: the building is completely clad in travertine (which is referred to here as marble), whose uneven surface with its brownish color variations makes the walls virtually disappear. The wide glass windows also contribute to this effect.

OON Architecture: “Marble House“.

The impression of floating is achieved by the fact that the ceilings are pulled forward. The practical reason for this is the necessary protection from the sun.

OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.

A small highlight of the design is located on one side of the building: the access runs over a footbridge over a body of water – the swimming pool behind the house is here virtually still extended in front. There is plenty of room for the 3 parking spaces in the garage and the 2 parking spaces in front.

The functional areas of the house are clearly recognizable, although they are uniformly clad in natural stone: on the 1st floor is the private area, below it to the garden the zone for social use and to the street the service part with the garages. “The main volume floats on the upper floor and rests on two others on the ground floor,” write the architects.

The natural stonework on the outside of the facade was done by Robra Construcciones, and the work inside by Marmolería Goana’s stonemasons.

OON Architecture

Robra Construcciones

Marmolería Gaona

Photos: Alejandro Peral

Graphics: OON Architecture

OON Architecture: “Marble House“. OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.OON Architecture: “Marble House“.

(04.06.2021, USA: 06.04.2021)