MOHEDA BLACK DIABASE (Moheda svart diabas), stone of the year 2021 in Sweden, from Hallindens Granit company

Moheda Black diabase, polished.

Name: Moheda Black diabase (Moheda Svart diabas)

Stone type: diabase, a type of granite

Color: black with tiny bright spots like stars in the sky when polished; worked surfaces have a tone of dark grey

Quarry location: Hössjö close to Moheda village in the municipality of Alvesta, Sweden

Moheda Black diabase, flamed.Moheda Black diabase, cross-hammered.

Peculiarities of the stone: the diabase bears the title of “Black Gold“ among Sweden’s natural stones. It is famous among artists and architects. The Riksbank building of the country’s National Bank is clad with the stone – using the raw surfaces, the architect Peter Celsing wanted to create an image of an impenetrable building standing for a strong currency. Artist Pål Svensson created the famous sculpture “Sprungen“ of the stone.

Application: facades, floors, countertops, gardening, gravestones

Finishes: polished, flamed, cross-hammered

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Hallindens Granit AB is a modern stone company with a long history. In 1946, founder Bror Lundgren opened the company’s first quarry with Tossene Grey Bohus granite. Today, his grandchildren Johan and Jörgen run the business. On the company webpage, they write: “We are constantly working on renewal and improvement. Everything to be able to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. Today, Hallindens Granit delivers stone all over the world for various purposes.“

Contact: Hallindens Granit AB, Skarstad 501, 454 92 Brastad, Sweden, Telefon: +46 (0)523-41155, Mail,

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The Riksbank building clad with Moheda Black diabase.Pål Svensson: “Sprungen“ sculpture. Photo: Bengt Oberger / <a href=""target="_blank">Wikimedia Commons</a>, <a href=""target="_blank">Creative Commons License</a>