Architecture: First impressions: limestone

(October 2010) Builder and architect of Madrid’s „La Finca“ aimed at creating an elegant exterior and succeeded with the beige and brown limestone façade. The low buildings in the midst of picturesque landscapes are quite unusual: homes as depicted here have 7 bedrooms and walk-in closets spread over a surface of 800 m².

The major portion of the complex facades is clad in slabs of beige Niwala limestone. Teak limestone resembling the structure of teakwood sets accents and adds life to the building optically. A further accent is set by the diagonal lines of supports or walls. The stone was provided by Madrid-based Icimar SA and applied by Procisa Company.

The complex comprises 30 housing units in Somosaguas on the outskirts of Madrid. They are kept in a uniform style but never the less each unique. Unique, too, the time of completion: what with wide-spread reports of a near total collapse of the housing market.

Architects were Joaquin Torres (Director) and Rafael Llamazares (Partner) of A-cero, with offices in Madrid, A Coruña, Dubai, the Dominican Republic, and Vietnam. The pair started another unusual project in Spain: high-end modular homes.

A-cero (1, 2)

Icimar SA


Photos: Luis H. Segovia