In its PR, the ceramics industry is increasingly pointing out how waste is avoided or recycled in its products

Fiandre, Marmi Maximum collection: “Calacatta Statuario“.

The Fiandre company from Italy relates even its formats to the theme of sustainability

We occasionally look at the competitors for the natural stone sector, what their associations and companies are doing. This time: how Italian ceramics producer Fiandre deals with the waste issue:

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ “Marmi Maximum“ collection now includes surfaces designed to reduce material waste. The new 120 x 270cm and 120 x 120cm formats, available in certain designs, are further proof of the brand’s commitment to the environment. They expand the options available to the designer and offer ethical solutions to contemporary needs

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has updated its Marmi Maximum collection with ethical formats, once again confirming the brand’s commitment to the environment and its mission to provide innovative, sustainable solutions to the world of design.

Fiandre, Marmi Maximum collection: “Premium White“.

The latest 120 x 270cm and 120 x 120cm formats in this collection are currently available in the following designs: Alpi Chiaro Venato, Calacatta Statuario, Dark Marquina, Invisible, Pietra Grey, Premium White, Pure Calacatta and Sahara Noir.

Designed to eliminate ceramic waste, they offer the designer a more ethical choice while retaining the beautiful appearance and technical advantages of the other Marmi Maximum formats.

The 120 x 270cm format, in particular, conforms to the minimum ceiling height for habitable rooms, while the 120 x 120cm format is compatible with the standard dimensions of shower trays in many countries. Two solutions that, while reducing processing waste, make transport and installation of the ceramics easier. The thickness of just 6mm enables the large format ceramics to be used for creating furnishings such as tables, movable partitions, doors, ceilings, backlit walls, chairs in addition to bathroom fixtures.

Fiandre, Marmi Maximum collection: “Sahara Noir“ and “Travertino“.

Fiandre’s new formats are part of the brand’s wider strategy aimed at sustainability, and are already available in Luna Limestone and Quarzite Vals in the new Pietre Maximum collection. Finally, Il Veneziano features three colors: Seminato Nero, Seminato Beige and Seminato Candido.

Since its foundation, Fiandre has particularly focused on the environment. Its large format ceramics are manufactured in facilities that do not release harmful substances or odors into the atmosphere and processing waste is reintroduced into the manufacturing process. The preference for formats that have minimal impact is a further step in this process.


Fiandre, Marmi Maximum collection: “Invisible“.Fiandre, Marmi Maximum collection: “Pure Calacatta“.

(25.07.2021, USA: 07.25.2021)