Mammoths live and fossilized animals: the new “Felsenwelt“ (rock world) in the Lucerne Glacier Garden is a journey through time

Mammoths gallop through the Felsenwelt.

Museum and park make it possible to experience geology and the elemental forces of nature over millions of years

After three years of construction, the “Felsenwelt“ (rock world) has opened as an extension of the Gletschergarten (Glacier Garden) museum and park in Lucerne, Switzerland. it is a journey through time to the wonders of geology and nature.

The new attraction is an underground tour through the mountain with a unique dramaturgy. Geological features of the Lucerne sandstone, stratifications and fissure systems reveal the elemental forces that acted here over millions of years. Subtle plays of light on the rock form images of former landscapes with their flora and fauna. “Here, earth history becomes a goosebump moment,“ the museum informs.

The visitor path leads through the interior of the rocks.

In the first rock gallery, the stone begins to tell the story of its history and reveals its secrets – from the formation of the Lucerne sandstone at seashore to its unfolding into the Alpine mountains and shaping during the Ice Age. Emotions created by haptics, lighting and sound let the visitor become part of the earth‘s history: prehistoric fish scurry by, galloping mammoths cross the path, and a particle animation projected onto the rock transfers the visitors into spheres of mystery.

Deep in the mountain, the path opens into a large cavern. Here, rainwater seeping in from the surface collects in a lake. The water responds to the audience: a vortex is created that symbolizes the leap back in time to the present.

Fossils can be explored along the path and...

From here, the path climbs along fossils about 30 meters uphill to the Sommerau in the Gletschergarten.

Back in daylight, a picturesque view opens over Lucerne to the Alps.

The Glacier Garden was opened as a museum and park in 1873. It reminds of past geological eras when today’s Switzerland lay under kilometer-thick ice or on latitudes with a tropical climate.


Photos: Stiftung Gletschergarten

... really thick boulders with striking structures.

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