Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Xiamen Stone Fair 2021.The 21st Xiamen Stone Fair (May 18-21, 2021) registered “over 1,100 exhibiting companies from domestic and abroad” on “a total exhibition area of 162,000 m²“ spread over “8 exhibition areas in 20 exhibition halls: Domestic Stone Area, Machinery & Tools Area, International Area, Artificial Stone Area, Outdoor Area, Design Area, Media Area and Xiamen Bath & Kitchen Fair,” the post-show report informs. Online was held the “Cloud”. We will soon report about some of the special events like the “Stone Infinite” show for product design with stone or the “Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival.“ In 2022, the fair will take place from May 16 to 19.

Antolini hat einen Showroom in Mailand eingerichtet. Gestaltet hat ihn Alessandro La Spada, die Adresse ist Piazza Fontana/via San Clemente (italienisch).

Iranian-Armenian sculptress Nairy Baghramian shows her marble work “Knee and Elbow“ on the grounds of the Clark Art Institute in Massachusetts.

“Dream Big“ is the title of Christie’s online selling exhibition of outdoor sculptures by leading artists of the 20th century and the masters who preceded them from Antiquity, Salvador Dali, to Jeff Koons. Works available are presented in augmented reality and are for immediate purchase.

In November 2020, residents of Denver, Colorado voted to increase the local sales tax by 0.25 percent to support efforts to address climate change. The measure, which is expected to raise $30-40 million a year, did not specify how the new tax revenue must be spent to achieve climate goals. However, it required that 50 percent of the new climate funding also improve equity in Denver, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies informs on a web page.

The Abourma Rock Art in Djibouti’s Makarassou Massif tells the story of long-gone wildlife at the horn of Africa.

To commemorate the 500 years since the Spanish conquest of the Aztec capital, a towering replica of the Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlán, the ancient civilization‘s most sacred site, was erected in downtown Mexico City. Many stone monuments from that culture still exist, among them the famous Sun Stone, long believed to be a calendar.

Elle Decor Online has made an announcement of Marmomac (September 22 – October 02, 2021) in its Italian issue (Italian).

Video of the Month: “Baalbek Reborn: Temples“ is a virtual reconstruction of the famous temple complex of Baalbek, the ancient Heliopolis located in modern Lebanon. It was one of the largest Roman religious sites in the world, today it is a world cultural heritage site. The remaining 6 columns of the Temple of Jupiter are a landmark of Lebanon. The video provides a virtual tour of the temples of Jupiter Heliopolitanus, Bacchus, Venus and the Muses.

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