Hot for stone designers: Feeel Design World Prize for lasting products made of natural materials (submissions until November 14, 2021)

Logo of the Feeel Design World Prize.

No prize money for the winners but the realization of a prototype and a contract for production

What: Feeel Design World Prize

Who may apply: individuals, private designers, creative associations, and companies.

Competition concept (according to the organizer’s webpage): We aim to create small series and individual items that will not break, won’t be thrown away, and will last for decades, pleasing the owner’s eye. In this competition, we strive to get away from fashion, trends, move beyond marketing and get back to artistic design, which is object design in fact.
Like Arts and Crafts movement supporters, we would like to find professionals with a recognizable style and unique creative techniques.
We strive to find new objects to design, ready to share our experience and discover craftsmen to create the most complex products, furniture, objects, and interiors.

Prizes: A prototype of all winners’ entries in all the categories will be realized as a full-size product. In addition, Feeel Design will offer a contract for production. All laureates will receive a commemorative prize and a diploma. It is planned to publish books with the winning projects.

Categories are:
* furniture: series;
* furniture: collections;
* furniture: chill and relax;
* art & craft projects: interior design;
* architectural product: partitions and screens;
* architectural product: shelves and wine holders;
* product design: light;
* product design: object;
* nature project;
* park and garden;
* prize of the industry: creators;
* prize of the industry: object.

Rules: The participants must have exclusive rights to their product ideas. The copyright of the submissions remains with the participants, at all times.
The judges will rate the submissions in the following aspects:
* unlocking the potential of natural materials;
* aesthetics of the product;
* potential production technologies (in selected categories);
* originality of the product;
* potential longevity.

Application deadline: November 14, 2021

Application fee: none

Organizer: Feeel Design is a Canadian company specializing in custom-made products.

Feeel Design World Prize

Feeel Design

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