GRIGIO ALPI®, a varitey of Pietra di Vicenza with macrofossils, from Italian Grassi Pietre company

Pietra di Vicenza: Grigio Alpi®.

Name of the stone: Grigio Alpi®

Stone type: limestone (Pietra di Vicenza)

Color: light grey

Structure: homogenous with macrofossils

Quarry location: in the Berici Hills near city of Vicenza, only in underground quarries

Pietra di Vicenza: Grigio Alpi®.Pietra di Vicenza: Grigio Alpi®.

Description of the stone: The Grigio Alpi® is a variety with macrofossils of the Vincenza Stone which has been quarried since Roman times. It became famous when it was the choice of Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio for his villas and palaces in the Vicenza region. The stone is easy to quarry and to work: being tender when extracted, it hardens very much after a short time.

Application: It is suitable both for internal and external claddings, floors and internal staircases, as well as for every other building component.

Bathrom with Pietra di Vicenza, Grigio Alpi®: wall cladding, washbasins.

Finishes: honed, brushed, bushhammered, striated, sandblasted, rullato, corteccia, rock finish, time worn. Bespoke finishes are available on request.

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Grassi Pietre srl is a family business and has been quarrying and manufacturing the various types of Pietra di Vicenza limestone since 1850. It operates 6 quarries which all are underground. The headquarters are located in Nanto not far from Venice. There, the production is set in a modern plant, and it relies on innovative machinery and highly skilled manpower. A competent and integrated team takes charge of the customers‘ projects, from development to production, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.

Contact: Via Madonetta, 2, 36024 Nanto (Vicenza), Italy
Tel. +39.0444.639092, Fax +39.0444.730071

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The new Grassi Pietre Showroom in Nanto with various shades and finishings of Pietra di Vicenza.Company logo of Grassi Pietre.