SAN BERNARDINO gneiss from the homonymous pass in the Swiss Alps at 1,950 m above sea level

San Bernardino gneiss, honed.

Name of the stone: San Bernardino gneiss

Stone type: Gneiss

Color: glittering silver grey

Quarry location: in 2006, Bärlocher company brought the once-famous quarry back into operation. It is located at 1,950 m above sea level, close to the San Bernardino pass in the Swiss Alps. Since ancient times, the stone has been quarried mainly for external applications like roofing, flooring or walling. Today, with modern technology, more sophisticated products can be created like stairs, wall-claddings or design objects, just to name a few.

Description of the stone: the paragneiss is also known by its old name Bündner Quarzit. The silver-grey glittering color results from its high share of light mica (muscovite, sericite). In contrast to quartzite, gneiss contains less quartz but more feldspar. In near-surface layers, the deposit partly contains the mineral limonite, which creates golden-yellow nuances.

Bärlocher company: San Bernardino gneiss.

Application: interior, outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, garden, pool

Finishes: quarry rough, flamed, honed, polished

Frost resistant: yes

Bärlocher company: San Bernardino gneiss.

Company: The history of the Bärlocher company began in 1890. The great-great-grandfather of the current head, Christian Bärlocher, established the long and successful family tradition. Today, about 50 people work in various areas from quarrying and processing to installation – all service remains in one hand.

Contact: Bärlocher Steinbruch Steinhauerei AG, Steinbruchstrasse 6, CH-9422 Staad
Tel: +41 71 858 60 10, +41 71 858 60 11
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Bärlocher company: San Bernardino gneiss.Bärlocher company: San Bernardino gneiss.