Stonemasonry winners in the „The Good Form” and “Professionals Perform“ craftsmanship-competitions were announced in Germany

Scene from the competition. Photo: Annette Dölger

Marks are given for creativity and skill at work or for professional working under time pressure, respectively

In Germany, as well as in some other European countries, apprentices are required to prove their skills by submitting a hand-crafted piece of their work. To compare the creativity in craftsmanship the competition „The Good Form” (Die Gute Form) has been conceived and is open to young craftsmen and women in Germany up to the age of 27. They need only to submit the practical work at the end of their apprenticeship to a central address where it is subject to critical appraisal in accordance with a set of evaluation criteria.

Among others, these criteria are „creativity in design“ and „material execution“, i.e. creativity and skill.

A first round determines preselected candidates followed by the final round, in which the best of the best are selected. We show the 2021 award-winning entries, in the stonemasonry category as well as in stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting. 13 pieces were submitted.

In addition, there is also the annual performance “Professionals Perform“ (Profis Leisten Was). This is a real contest for the winning title: the applicants have to complete a given practical task within 6 hours. The final selection is held at national level preceded by a pre-selection at the level of the federal states based on the journeymen’s pieces. 13 state winners entered the competition.

We also show all the winners below.

Photos: participants / Annette Dölger / bbw

Berufsbildungswerk ders Steinmetz- und Bildhauerhandwerks, bbw (German)

 “The Good Form”, stonemasonry, 1. Prize: Bettina Buchner, “Bench made of San Sebastian“.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry, 2. Prize: Matthias Imhof, “Dice Game II“.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry, 3. Prize: Roman Peter, “Hidden in the Stone“.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry: Björn Stier.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry: Michael Unterholzner.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry: Felix Eichler.“The Good Form”, stonemasonry: Anna Junker.

(without picture) “The Good Form“, stonemasonry: Djibrine Nyerke.

“The Good Form“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting, 1. Prize: Levin Schnell, “So Xerviso“.“The Good Form“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting, 2. Prize: Johannes Grass, “Aquarius“.“The Good Form“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting, 3. Prize: Maya Thyssen, “Claws on cornice“.“The Good Form“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting: Pina Hausmann.“The Good Form“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting: Annabelle Pape.Winners of the competion “Professionals Perform“, stonemasonry category: (f.l.t.r.) Lennart Grieser (Second), Roman Peter (First), Johanna Borwig (Third). Photo: bbw / Kai GörderWinners of the competion “Professionals Perform“, stonemasonry with focus on stonesculpting: (f.l.t.r.) Pina Hausmann (Second), Levin Schnell (First), Konrad Jacobs (Third). Photo: bbw / Kai Görder

(10.12.2021, USA: 12.10.2021)