CALACATTA BIANCO DOLOMITE, a white marble from Marmara Island, from Turkish Dereli company

Calacatta Bianco Dolomite, from Dereli company.

Name of the stone: Calacatta Bianco Dolomite

Stone type: dolomitic marble

Color: white

Calacatta Bianco Dolomite or Zebrino Dolomite, from Dereli company.

Structure: marbled veins, fine granular. A second version of the same stone is available, the ZEBRINO DOLOMITE, with straight lines, depending on how the slabs are cut from the block (vein cut, cross cut)

Quarry location: Saraylar, Marmara Island, Turkey

Dereli quarry on Marmara Island.

Description of the stone: on Marmara Island, called “Prokennosos“ in antiquity, marble has been quarried at least since the 6th century BC. It was used in representative buildings all around the Mediterranean and for many famous stone sculptures worldwide. The name “marble“ is derived from the name of the Island. The stone is easy to cut and process, yet durable and robust.

Application: inside, flooring, wall cladding, bathroom, kitchen

Finishes: polished, brushed

Frost resistant: no

Bookmatch of Calacatta Bianco Dolomite, from Dereli company.Sculpture in white marble by Dereli Art.

Company: Having started its mining activities in the 1940s, Dereli Family has been operating in the mining industry for three generations. Company operations are located on Marmara Island through Dereli Mermer Granit Maden A.Ş. in the chipped calcite industry and Derbent Maden A.Ş. in the block marble industry. Our vision is to be a pioneer in the industry in occupational safety in respect of environmental awareness, production quality and reliability. If possible, the remnants from quarrying and processing are turned into small sculptures worked by upcoming artists.

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