(November 2010) „Project: Green“ proposals for the next Coverings are being accepted until January 14th 2011. The competition revolves around tiles and stone products „where sustainability was a chief mission“, as quoted from a press release preceding the fair, to take place from March 14th to 17th 2011 in Las Vegas. Winners will enjoy a special award presentation in a US-trade publication.

Entries for the German Natural Stone Prize are now being accepted for buildings anywhere in Europe. Winners will be chosen for sustainability and energy efficient implementation of stone and simultaneous high architectural quality. Award winners will be presented at the Stone+tech fair, to take place form June 22nd to 25th 2011 in Nuremburg. The purse is 30,000 €.

A 12 century-old mosaic found in Jericho was presented to the public for a few days. It lays buried beneath a thick layer of rubble. Now funds are being solicited for a protective roof (1, 2).

For pet dishes made of stone by US-based Kevy K. Designs.

Small, regular indentations in California’s Sierra Nevada granite where hitherto thought to be a whim of nature. Scientists have now discovered that the depressions were the work of man: water from a natural spring was collected in pools and allowed to evaporate. The sedimentary salt was traded commercially.

Video of the month: marble veins in motion.