MISTRAL, a light cream marble with irregular veins and high resilience from Spanish Levantina group

Mistral marble from Levantina.Mistral marble from Levantina.

Name of the stone: Mistral

Stone type: marble

Color: light cream

Structure: on a light cream base, the stone has irregular veins with white, blue and grey

Quarry: https://www.levantina.com/en/company/quarries/

Mistral marble from Levantina.Mistral marble as flooring in the Terminal 4 of Madrid-Barajas airport.

Description of the stone: The stone’s veining can even appear as rust-like smudges that make it tremendously elegant and popular. The versatile material is perfect in any setting, principally interiors. The high resilience also makes it perfect for areas with high traffic where it brings brightness, openness and elegance to the space.
The name refers to strong winter winds in the Mediterranean.
In terms of geology, the Mistral is a beige carbonate sedimentary marble, made of coral limestone, which is petrographically described as biosparite. It features micritized
fossils with some irregular blueish grey veins. The age of the material is approximately 45 million years (Lutetian, middle Eocene).


Application: interior cladding, interior flooring, bathroom countertops, stairs

Finishes: from the brightest polish to the most rustic bush-hammered

Frost resistant: no

Company: Levantina, founded in 1959, is a Spanish group with worldwide activity including 40 quarries, 8 factories, 28 distribution centers, and some 200 types of natural stone in its program. It exports to 110 countries across the European Union, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Contact: Levantina, Autovía Madrid-Alicante, s/n, 03660 Novelda (Alicante) España
Tel: +34 965 60 91 84

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Mistral marble from Levantina.