Xiamen Stone Fair 2022 has launched a new Hosted Buyers Program to bring together suppliers and decision-makers both in-person during the event and virtually all year in the event’s Cloud

Xiamen stone Fair 2022: Hosted Buyers Program.Xiamen Stone Fair has sent us an information about its new Hosted Buyer Program (HBP) as an innovative service tool for exhibitors and visitors:

Xiamen Stone Fair is launching a new Hosted Buyer Program (HBP). It is a precise and efficient matchmaking program. A professional team of Xiamen Stone Fair will provide one-on-one service for a group of decision-makers to connect with exhibitors and develop business.

Who can be a hosted buyer?
A hosted buyer can be a buyer, dealer, distributor, architect, designer, investor or partner of a company. The applicant must be a decision-maker/manager level or higher.

What solutions does the program provide for the hosted buyers?
We will firstly collect the buyers’ procurement demands for the next 6-12 months, gather product information and industry news, and facilitate matchmaking accordingly. The program will provide the latest information, online and face-to-face meeting, field visit, etc. The online platform, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair will help drive the program throughout the whole year.

What exclusive perks does HBP provide?
Once verified as a hosted buyer, you are able to enjoy year-round service in 3 phases, before, during and after Xiamen Stone Fair 2022.
– Before XSF: update information regularly, travel service support, make appointments with exhibitors in advance, etc.
– During XSF: VIP check-in without queuing up, exclusive access to Hosted Buyer Lounge, gift packs, etc.
– After XSF: field visit to manufacturers, follow-up service, etc.

How to become a hosted buyer?
– Method 1: Complete and submit the application form. If your application meets the qualifying criteria, you will be accepted as a hosted buyer. https://www.wjx.cn/vj/rXdaxb4.aspx
– Method 2: The HBP team will directly invite qualified visitors from our database.

How can hosted buyers fully enjoy the rights and services?
The HBP team will carry out one-on-one communication with hosted buyers thoroughly to collect the procurement requirements so as to ensure accurate matchmaking. Your active cooperation and timely feedback will help a lot in enjoying the rights and service. Any suggestions concerning the program to help optimize it are welcome.

About Suppliers
The Buyer Program is aimed to connect buyers and suppliers. The program is open to all exhibitors of Xiamen stone Fair 2022 and Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair. If qualified, you will be included in the HBP first-year scheme as supplier.

Level of suppliers
To achieve the accuracy of information and success of matchmaking, save time and cost, ensure the openness and transparency of our service, we will categorize suppliers in different levels according to the following criteria:
Quarry owner and agent/patent owner and technology agent
– Production capacity and technology advantage
– Specialize in a certain field
– Past project cases
– Ability in branding and promotion
– Have a sound service system

How to get promotion opportunity timely?
– Establish an instant contact with HBP team by emailing to service@stonefair.org.cn or adding us on WeChat (Account: Xiamen-stone-fair). Tell us your latest information about products, technologies and business. And please do not hesitate to let us know your feedback and suggestions.
– Participate in our activities and promotional channels more frequently to make your brand outstanding, including Cloud Booth at Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair, Product Focus, Launch Out @XSF – New Product Releasing, Featured Booth Construction, Crossover Collaboration with Designers, etc.

Xiamen Stone Fair has gathered a large number of suppliers and buyers for two decades. In the coming year, we hope to broaden the circle and deepen the connections to make a more vibrant ecosystem. Join us in the Hosted Buyer Program now.

QR-Codes for application under https://newsletter.stonefair.org.cn/x/?S7Y1_p9ra2hpbPm.yNbCyMLM4n_OrYmhuSUAA52

(13.01.2022, USA: 01.13.2022)