PORPHYRY GRIGIO FLOR, a grey stone of volcanic origin with large-grained crystals, from Porfidi Italia 2000 company located in Trento, at the outskirts of the Alps

Porphyry Grigio Flor from Porfidi Italia 2000.

Name of stone: Porphyry Grigio Flor (Porfidi Grigio Flor)

Stone type: massive porphyry (porfido massiccio)

Quarry location: Trento, Northern Italy, at the outskirts of the Alps

Description of the stone: Porphyry stone is a natural volcanic effusive stone consisting of large-grained crystals such as feldspar or quartz dispersed in a fine-grained groundmass. In nature, there are porphyry deposits with stratified porphyry and deposits formed by blocks.
Porphyry massive blocks are generally small parallelepipeds. After the extraction, blocks are sawn by gangsaw or diamond disc and successively worked. The surface can be flamed, which means it is heated with a flame to break its quartzes. This process brings out the stone’s color and makes the surface slightly rough. Other surface finishings are flamed+brushed, which makes the surface soft to the touch, or honed or polished. Porphyry from massive blocks has a homogeneous shade of color and a constant thickness.

Peculiarities: Resistant to frost and acid, tolerates a high level of stress, anti-slip surface (with a flamed surface)

Porphyry Grigio Flor from Porfidi Italia 2000.

Application: It is suitable both for internal and external claddings, floors, stairs, and every other building component.

* Surface: flamed, flamed and brushed, honed, polished;
* Sides: sawn or split.

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Porfidi Italia 2000 is an Italian company specialized in working of Porphyry. It is a family business with quarry of property in Trento-Italy, where all the production stages are executed. It is specialized in the production of traditional products such as cubes, tiles and steps, but also cut-to-size. The company offers its customers a wide range of porphyry colors.

Contact: Porfidi Italia 2000
Via del Porfido 73 – 38121 Trento -Italy