A black (when polished) or dark-grey (when flamed) and extremely hard UKRAINIAN GABBRO

Kamenobrodskiy gabbro, polished.Kamenobrodskiy gabbro, flamed.

Name: Ukrainian Gabbro

Type of stone: Gabbro-Diabase. Gabbro is a stone formed when hot lava from inside the Earth does not escape in a magma flow through a volcano but is blocked underneath the Earth’s surface where it cools down over a certain time. Tater tectonic movement over millions of years brought it to the surface. Gabbro is closely related to granite and has similar characteristics, often commercialized under the same title. When escaping through a volcano and cooling down on the Earth’s surface, its matter turns into a basalt.

Color: black when polished, dark-grey when flamed

Quarry location: 12500, village of Kamenobrodskoe in the Zhitomyr region, Western Ukraine

Factory location: 12104, Zhitomyr region, Horoshevsky district, village of Poromovka, Western Ukraine

Kamenobrodskiy gabbro, polished.Kamenobrodskiy gabbro.Peculiarities of the stone: very strong; appropriate for stylish outdoor and indoor design

Application: because of its strength, the stone can be used in any form, e.g. for paving stones, cubes, borders, cubes, panels for flooring or façade cladding

Finishes: split, sawn, split-sawn, polished, flamed

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Rukh International LLC, Odessa, Ukraine, st. Novoselskogo, 91, office 101

Contact: Mr. Denis Grifonov, Mail
Tel: +38 096 869 7777.

Technical data:
Volumetric weight: 2900-3100 kg/m³
Water absorption: 0,05-0,11%
Compressive strength: 268-306 MPa
Abrasion: 0,52-0,61 g/cm²
Class 1 natural radiation. Allowed for all types of construction.

Kamenobrodskiy gabbro.Kamenobrodskiy gabbro, polished.Kamenobrodskiy gabbro, flamed.