Looking back at Marmomac 2021: “Masters of Stone” are Federica Zanini, Albano Poli, Giorgio Stocchero, and Leonello Zenatelli

Marmomac 2021 “Masters of Stone”: (f.l.t.r.) Leonello Zenatelli, Federica Zanini, Albano Poli, Giorgio Stocchero.

Every year, Marmomac announces its “Masters of Stone”. We publish the fair’s press release:

An authentic investiture ceremony complete with the consignment of the official insignia: a cube of Verona red marble, a bronze plaque and a silver chisel. On the opening day of the 55th Marmomac, yesterday at the Verona Exhibition Centre, four new Masters of Stone were proclaimed. They are Albano Poli, Giorgio Stocchero, Federica Zanini and Leonello Zenatelli – all from Verona.

This title has continued the tradition of the Ancient Free Corporation of Stone Arts in Verona since 1319 and as of 1980 rewards people who have distinguished themselves in upholding and promoting the natural stone sector.

Albano Poli over his 66-year career has created works characterized by a special synergy of materials and techniques. He created an atelier with a contemporary Renaissance style, where he designed, created and signed works which were then exported all over the world.

Giorgio Stocchero has shown a distinct propensity for internationalization and exploration of new market realities, as well as being committed to promoting and protecting natural stone and its use.

Federica Zanini is related to Virginio Tacchella, himself nominated a Master of Stone in 1986. She is the promoter of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Valpantena Marble Consortium and has distinguished herself for her proactive spirit and passion for work.

Leonello Zenatelli is rewarded for his commitment during two terms as President of Asmave and his participation and support for proposed activities, which always benefited from his great spirit and commitment to association life.

The four diplomas were consigned to the new Masters of the Stone by the top management of Veronafiere: President Maurizio Danese and CEO Giovanni Mantovani.

Marmomac 2021 “Masters of Stone” diplomas.

(27.12.2021, USA: 12.27.2021)