IRINA BLUE labradorite from Ukrainian company Rukh International

“Irina Blue” labradorite, polished.“Irina Blue” labradorite and Grey Ukraine® granite.

Although the Ukrainian city of Odessa, home of Rukh International company, is becoming more and more under pressure from the Russian army and communication is difficult, we continue to present the company’s stones, to be understood as a sign that better days will come.

Name of the stone: “Irina Blue”

Type of stone: Labradorite

Color: Black with blue spots

Quarry location: 12342, Ukraine, Zhitomyr region, village of Osnyki

Factory location: 12104, Ukraine, Zhitomyr region, Horoshevsky district, village of Poromovka

“Irina Blue” labradorite.“Irina Blue” labradorite.

Peculiarities of the stone:
* with a polished finish, the stone is black with blue spots;
* when flamed, the stone turns dark-grey with blue spots;
* without surface treatment, the stone is grey with blue shimmer.

Description of the stone: it is an igneous rock (once having been magma inside the Earth) and was named after the Canadian province of Labrador where it was discovered. Its schiller like the mother of pearl is called labradorescence and makes many viewers fantasize about mysterious powers in the stone. It is also popular as a jewelry stone.

Application: due to its hardness, the stone can be used in many applications, e.g., for outdoor and indoor paving, cubes, borders, or even tiles for facade cladding. Its iridescent effect makes it a well-known material also for interior architecture.

Finishes: Split, sawn, split-sawn, polished, flamed

Frost resistant: Yes.

Company: Rukh International LLC, Odessa, Ukraine, st. Novoselskogo, 91, office 101

Contact: Mr. Denis Grifonov, Mail
Tel: +38 096 869 7777

Technical data:
• Water absorption 0.11-0.49%
• Compressive strength 146-224 MPa
• Abrasion 0.60-0.71 g / cm2
• Natural Radiation Class “1-Class”.
Bulk weight 2800-3030 kg / m³

“Irina Blue” labradorite, flamed.“Irina Blue” labradorite.