Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

Sam Learner‘s webpage.Graphic journalist Sam Learner has created an interactive map where you can let a raindrop fall to earth anywhere in the U.S. and track its path to an ocean. Our screenshot shows the first part of the way from Plankinton, South Dakota, to the Gulf of Mexico.

“15 Magnificent structures“ built in stone are collected on an Architectural Digest web page.

A collection of weird arguments that marble is not sustainable is compiled on a Popular Science web page. As conclusion, the authors recommend using marbles from US quarries not from abroad.

Indian Stone Federation FIGSI is planning centers of Excellence both at Jaipur and Hosur with a showroom “displaying various varieties of granites and other natural stones in different forms including monuments and artifacts from all over India,“ as said on a web page.

Crushed marble waste for road construction is the topic of research by Saudi Arabian and Australian scientists.

Indian company A-Class Marble promotes exotic stones imported from Brazil and Norway for usage in interior architecture in hotels (1, 2, 3).

“Ideastone“ is the name of a competition meant to bring up new ideas for the Brazilian stone sector. Entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, and experts were to come together at Vitória Stone Fair and, within 48 hours, develop innovative solutions. Three prizes reached from 3000 to 2000 R$. The event, an initiative of Milanez Milaneze company and Centrorochas, was postponed until further notice (Portuguese).

“Museum Surfaces“ is a new web page by the Spanish Peronda Group, a producer of ceramic countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Several of its products emulate natural stone (1, 2).

Italian Monitillo company has many small everyday objects made of natural stone.

Video of the month: Henraux company’s famous marble quarries are located at the Monte Altissimo in the Tuscan Alps, not far from Carrara. Footage from a drone shows the bizarre white world above the clouds.

(16.03.2022, USA: 03.16.2022)