Cosentino promotes its new Silestone as groundbreaking in sustainability: “Changing the world from the kitchen“

Screenshot “Changing the World from the Kitchen“.

The campaign addresses young people and their parents using the phrasing of Fridays for Future

From time to time, we look at the natural stone sector‘s competitors to see what their associations and companies are up to. This time: how Cosentino is promoting its new Silestone, an engineered stone:

Silestone® launches its most important campaign in recent years: “Changing the World from the Kitchen,“ a new product concept that shows the revolution achieved thanks to HybriQ+® technology.

New generations are demanding a more sustainable world, a more humane way of life. Cosentino has understood this, and has completely transformed ist Silestone® thanks to the development of the exclusive HybriQ+® technology. Just as it revolutionized the kitchen with its commitment to color, design and unparalleled performance more than 30 years ago, the brand is now leading the way towards sustainability in the kitchen that has become the center of the home.

What if the world could be changed from the kitchen?

Under this approach, and with the authority of being the world’s leading brand for kitchen countertops and surfaces for three decades, Silestone® launches its most relevant campaign in recent years in 21 countries simultaneously, and first after its rebranding process in 2021. “Changing the World from the Kitchen“ is a new product concept, and showcases the Silestone® revolution achieved thanks to HybriQ® and HybriQ+®, which set the course for real sustainability in the design and architectural surfaces industry.

With the example of this combination of innovation and sustainability, Spanish brand Cosentino is calling for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and humanistic world. A disruptive innovation, a stirring “spark“ like HybriQ+® to generate a movement of change that must be common and shared. Being aware and committed, starting in our homes with small changes that, united, generate a great transformation…

The campaign will be mainly concentrated on social media, with the focus on Instagram, although in some countries it will also be available on TV.

HybriQ technology

(28.04.2022, USA: 04.28.2022)