Three prizes of €20,000 each offered for “New ideas for Carrara and its marble“

Background picture from the initiative’s webpage.

The Carrara 2030 initiative of 9 companies from the Apuan Alps wants to promote the local stones as a material for an ecological future

Three prizes of €20,000 each have been offered by the Carrara 2030 initiative for innovative ideas to promote the white marble of the Apuan Alps as the material for an ecological future. The initiative is looking for concepts for resource-saving quarrying, the use of leftover pieces from processing, and the contribution that design can make to this new image of natural stone from the Carrara, Massa and Seravezza area.

Companies, designers and universities from Italy and all over the world can participate. Submissions are possible in Italian and English until June 15, 2022.

Proposals must be based on 3 categories, according to the call for entries. We quote:
“* Materials technology: Innovative applications of material technologies to allow a sustainable use of marble derivatives.
* Engineering works: Transforming the material by enhancing its structural characteristics for innovative circular and/or engineering uses
* Design & Architecture: A creative challenge for a new metamorphosis of the natural stone in the new digital and circular world.“

The competition is entitled “New Ideas for Carrara and its Marble“ and was launched by the Carrara 2030 initiative. This is an association of 9 natural stone companies from the region (Bettogli Marmi, VF Marmi, Cave di Sponda, Società per azioni Guglielmo Vennai, Escavazione Marmi Campanili, Gemignani e Vanelli Marmi, Guido M. Fabbricotti fu B. successori, Società Apuana Marmi, GMC). Its aim is to initiate an ecological orientation of the stone industry and thus also to keep alive the marble culture that has characterized the region since the 2nd century BC.

The name of the initiative refers to the European Union’s program “Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030.” The core themes there are the circular economy and the careful use of resources, which at the same time are intended to strengthen small and medium-sized local companies.

The goals of the initiative also include public relations work: “communication programs towards institutions, civil society and the media, to counteract disinformation, speculation and dissemination of fake news.“

Carrara 2030

(06.05.2022, USA: 05.06.2022)