VINALMONT LIMESTONE (Calcaire de Meuse), a light grey to brown and very homogenous limestone from Belgian Renier Natuursteen Company

Vinalmont Limestone (Calcaire de Meuse), grey honed.

Name of the stone: Vinalmont Stone (Pierre de Meuse)

Type of stone: Limestone

Color: Light grey to brown

Quarry location: Wanze, Belgium

Peculiarities of the stone: The stone has a very fine grain and is of great chemical purity. Dark grey when fresh, it quickly develops its light grey patina with a touch of slight beige.

Vinalmont Limestone (Calcaire de Meuse), dark honed.Vinalmont Limestone (Calcaire de Meuse). polished.

History: Already mined by the Romans, Vinalmont stone has been and is very popular in Western Europe for paving, flooring and facades in massive stone. Examples can be found in many monasteries, churches, fortified castles, farmhouses in the Meuse valley or other sites in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

Usage: inside and outside

Surfaces: grey grinded, finely grinded, honed, polished and many more

Company: Renier Natuursteen, Nijverheidslaan 1, 3200 Aarschot Belgium

Tel: +32 16 550011

Technical data:
Vinalmont Stone (Pierre de Meuse).

Vinalmont Limestone (Calcaire de Meuse).