Fila Surface Care Solutions, specialist in cleaning and maintenance of surfaces, has been included in the Forbes list of Italy‘s top 100 sustainable companies

(from left to right) Francesco Ferragina of KON Group presents the Sustainability Award to FILA President Beniamino Pettenon and CEOs Francesco and Alessandra Pettenon.

Forbes business magazine has included Fila Surface Care Solutions, specialist in cleaning and maintenance of surfaces, in the list of the top 100 sustainable companies in Italy. This follows the company’s receipt of the Edizione 2022 Sustainability Award, sponsored by Credit Suisse and KON Group.

The Forbes ranking evaluates companies‘ commitment to the environment and corporate governance. The aim is to create value not only for the community and the environment but also for stakeholders, i.e., to combine environmental and social as well as economic sustainability.

At the core is rethinking business and thus triggering innovations in production and organization.

Logo of the Sustainability Award.

The Credit Suisse Sustainability Award, which was presented for the 1st time, follows the criteria of the ESG rating. 350 candidates had applied. ALTIS Università Cattolica and Rep Risk made the selection.

According to Fila, sustainability and environmental protection “have not only been firmly anchored in the ‚green‘ corporate philosophy of the innovation-oriented company for decades but have also been certified accordingly.“ The firm, headquartered in San Martino di Lupari (Padova) not far from Verona with worldwide representatives, describes its orientation as “Green Action“ including the reduction of waste and packaging, dispensing with problematic solvents, and saving energy and resources. In addition, 80% of its products are water-based and 90% have low VOC emissions, according to a company webpage.

Fila Green Action

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Sustainability Award (Italian)

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