New in our Stone Finder: marble Lasa Venato®, mined at 1,565 m in the Italian Alps, particularly hard and pressure-resistant due to a twofold metamorphosis in its formation

Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.

Name of the stone: Lasa Venato®

Stone type: white marble

Color: white with subtle multiple veinings in different shades of grey

Quarry location: White Water Quarry located in the Stelvio Nationalpark above the village of Lasa (Northern Italy)

Description of the stone: LASA MARBLE – RADIANT, TIMELESS, DURABLE.
Which quality product can claim to have 400 million years of history and to have inspired people for thousands of years? It is its special history, its special origin and its highly crystalline structure that gives it its exceptional hardness and durability as well as its unique sparkle. Lasa marble is extracted, processed and refined by Lasa Marmo Srl, mined at 1,565 m in the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol in the North of Italy. Its origin in a protected area makes it our mission and obligation to ensure sustainability: whether in quarrying, transporting the blocks or processing and refining.
Thanks to the latest processing techniques and machines, our own stonemasonry department and our own production engineers for projects and custom-made products, we at LASA Marmo plan and process marble for projects all over the world.
Lasa marble is offered in two selection lines the LASA BIANCO® line and the LASA VENATO® line and the new third product line LASA Individual®.

Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.

Peculiarities of the Stone: Lasa marble is more fine-grained, which makes it particularly valuable and precious. Compared to most of the commercially available marble types, the Lasa Marble shows an up to twenty percent increased hardness. The calcium carbonate content (CaCO3) for white Lasa Marble ranges between 96.4 and 98.6 percent. Due to a twofold metamorphosis in its formation, our Lasa marble is particularly hard and pressure-resistant. Lasa Marble is resistant to frost, de-icing salt, and chlorine. The good and even indentation of the crystals in the stone makes Lasa Marble water-impermeable.

Application: interior and outdoor

Finishes: polished, honed, brushed, sandwaterjet, waterjet, and many others

Frost resistant: Yes

Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.

Company: Lasa Marmo Srl

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Tel: +39 0473 626 624

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Lasa Venato® marble from Lasa Marmo Srl.