Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Photo: Nilfanion / Wikimedia CommonsPhoto: Bengoeswild / Wikimedia CommonsCarn Brea Castle in Cornwall deserves admiration for the way the builders made use of local circumstances. The original building as a chapel from 1379 was changed several times, the last time in the 18th century in the style of a hunting lodge. Today it is used as a restaurant. Not far away is the oldest settlement from the Neolithic Age found in Cornwall.

EuroLithos Community aims to develop and expand the activities of the former GeoEra project. The overall goal is to increase the use and production of European stone, which will, in turn, contribute to the increased awareness, maintenance, preservation of cultural heritage.

The European Route of Industrial Heritage is a network of trails connecting sites of different industries all over Europe.

An Italian webpage has compiled stone coolers for whiskey.

University of Southern California: An analysis of historical seismic events helps explain why large tsunamis occur after relatively small earthquakes.

Video of the month: “We are Stone“ is Grassi Pietre company’s new corporate video telling the story “how our hands have been extracting Vicenza stone for over 150 years. A work of continuous research, elegance, avant-garde, modernity that transforms stone into art, thanks also to our experience”.

(15.06.2022, USA: 06.15.2022)