Alternative to love locks on the fence: on the island of Rügen, Germany, couples can lay a wedding stone with name engraving after the wedding ceremony

The wedding stones in front of one of the lighthouses. Photo: Kap Arkona

Five years guaranteed placement, extension possible, also pick up or shipping

In some places, evidence of affection between 2 people is already a problem for a locality: so-called love locks are occasionally attached to bridge railings or fences in such large numbers that they threaten the safety of the boundary. From the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen, actually known for its chalk cliffs, now comes a quite harmless alternative: in the village of Kap Arkona, wedding couples can lay a small stone slab with which they symbolically swear eternal fidelity to each other.

This northernmost village on the island is a popular place for weddings. The Eichhorst stonemasonry company from the neighboring town of Sassnitz makes the wedding stones with stone type, lettering, and design as the couple wishes.

The slabs are laid between the two lighthouses in Kap Arkona. In one of the towers is the office of the registrar where the bride and groom make their vows.

The lying time for the stones is limited to five years, as it says on the web page of Kap Arkona. But extensions are also possible: “If you are interested, the wedding stones can continue to lie in front of the towers for an annual demurrage fee or can be picked up or shipped by arrangement.“

The price for the wedding stone with engraving including shifting amounts to 398,65 € inclusive VAT (conditions May 2022).

The stonemason enterprise Eichhorst shows on its web page some of its standard works, and some special orders. Among the special works is the design of boulders – these heavy lumps are a feature of the northern German landscapes and came with the glaciers of the ice age from Scandinavia to today’s Germany.

Wedding at Cape Arkona (German)

Stonemason Eichhorst, Sassnitz (German)

Lovelocks sometimes get out of hand.

(22.06.2022, USA: 06.22.2022)