Marmomac renames its Italian Stone Theatre to “Plus Theatre”

Hall 10 at Marmomac 2021.

Shown will be ideas for the application of natural stone in architecture, art and design / Four international technical journals are to organize a program on sustainability and markets

Veronafiere sent us the following press release about the coming Marmomac (September 27 – 30, 2022):

Plus Theatre: The Plus Theatre will be the beating heart of culture and training set up inside Hall 10. During the event, this area will be animated by talks, lectures and workshops focusing on natural stone. It will also be home to the VIP lounge, the restaurant, the wine bar and five cultural exhibitions welcoming exhibitors and visitors to outline natural stone and its applications through an approach ideally inter-connecting the entire production cycle, from the block to the end product. Design and architecture, art and university experimentation, as well as the involvement of important furniture brands: the central theme is a varied yet harmonious interpretation of how natural stone lends itself to more or less complex applications in various sectors and the future developments likely to emerge in this sector.

Etica-Litica: As every year, collaboration with ADI – the Association for Industrial Design – continues: the Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige delegation will organize Etica-Litica as a challenge for companies to create prototypes using a single slab, including recycled materials, thereby flanking creativity in industrial design with issues such as sustainability, mass production and easy transport and installation.

Hall 10 at Marmomac 2021.

Visionary Stone: Raffaello Galiotto presents Visionary Stone, promoting the development of experimental works of art in stone processed with computer numerical technology. This exhibition seeks to emphasize a scenario of great changes where the extraordinary computational potential of digital immateriality is combined with the precision and power of machinery to work a body of stone and explore new expressive languages.

Brand & Stone 4.0: The fourth edition of the Brand & Stone exhibition conceived and curated by Danilo Di Michele welcomes luxury design brands keen to experiment with the world of natural stone using new processing techniques. Prestigious and fascinating, marble interprets the essence of design through tailor-made collaborations between Italian natural stone companies and some of the leading international design companies to create unique projects destined to be launched on the market.

Hall 10 at Marmomac 2021.

Architecture & Design: Analysis in the field of architecture is entrusted to the scientific committee of Platform Architecture & Design which, together with Marmomac, will set up a photographic exhibition of projects typifying the use of natural stone developed by 16 important international architectural firms that will also attend the trade fair to illustrate their work during scheduled meetings.

Discovering Italy: The Marmomac Meets Academies event for universities curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza includes the Discovering Italy: University research and the landscape of public urban spaces exhibition. The intention is to present an itinerary through stone materials and the urban landscape in the public spaces in a number of contexts in Italian provinces together alongside major Italian and international university experiments including the Catania University, Basilicata University, “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti and Pescara, La Sapienza University in Rome, Bari Polytechnic University, Camerino University, the Verona Academy of Fine Arts, Technische Kaiserslautern University, the New York Institute of Technology, Polis University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The exhibition testifies to the power (over time) of natural stone, that can be taken as a landmark in developing the special relationship between University research and experimentation, the humanistic spirit and the advanced technologies provided by the digital revolution.

Marmomac training events will also involve an impressive programme with more than 40 meetings dealing with design and architecture topics targeting sector professionals by also including permanent training credits.

Hall 10 at Marmomac 2021.

Lastly, the 2022 show will include sections such as Marmo+Tech, a stage for sharing information and comparisons where machinery and tooling companies will present technical innovations for stone processing, and Marmo+Press, a programme of four conferences organized by four international technical publications discussing topics related to sustainability and markets.

Marmomac, September 27-30, 2022

(12.07.2022, USA: 07.12.2022)