In the awarded documentary „Quarries & Nature – A 50 Year Success Story“, the UK Mineral Products Association (MPA) informs about restored quarries and nature conservation

After the end of quarrying nature soon takes back the terrain.

With the film „Quarries & Nature – A 50 Year Success Story“ the British Mineral Products Association (MPA) has won the UK’s Planning Awards 2022 in the environment category. The film, 1 hour 15 minutes long, celebrates the contribution of restored quarries to UK nature conservation over five decades.

Celebrating the contribution of restored quarries to UK nature conservation over five decades, Quarries & Nature – A 50 Year Success Story is captured in a documentary film and book, produced with support from the heads of leading conservation bodies, including Natural England, RSPB, and The Wildlife Trusts.

The Planning Awards, which recognize excellence in planning and placemaking, are judged by an independent panel of eminent planning professionals who acknowledged that the significant contribution made by the industry ‘demonstrates how nature can thrive once land has been restored’.

MPA chief executive Nigel Jackson said: ‘The quarrying industry has done more than any other sector to support habitat creation and nature recovery, with more than 83 square kilometers of priority habitat already created and a further 110 square kilometers in the pipeline – areas the size of Nottingham and Liverpool respectively. That means the creation of new wetlands, grasslands, heathlands, and woodlands that are proven to support the UK’s most vulnerable species.“

The MPA – which represents more than 90% of producers of aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, building stone, lime, mortar, and silica sand – beat a strong line-up of shortlisted entries from Barratt David Wilson Homes, Berkeley Homes, Natural History Museum/Deloitte, and Rushmoor Borough Council.

Mineral Products Association (MPA)

(21.07.2022, USA: 07.21.2022)