Niko Koronis’ “Caro Marco“ collection for Marsotto Edizioni plays with architectural shapes

Niko Koronis for Marsotto Edizioni: “Caro Marco“.

Presentation during Design Week 2022 at the company’s showroom in Milan’s Brera district

“Caro Marco“ (Dear Marco) is the name of the new collection of the Italian brand Marsotto Edizioni. Designed the benches and consoles, as well as the tables of various sizes, the designer Niko Koronis. The Functional Sculptures were presented at the company’s showroom in Milan during Design Week 2022.

Functional Sculptures are in the middle between product design and art: On the one hand, they can be used as pieces of furniture and on the other hand they can be presented as sculptures.

As usual with Marsotto Edizioni, the pieces are carved out of a block of solid stone. They are available in the marbles White Carrara, Black Marquina, Rossa Levanto and Verde Alpi and in Romano travertine.

The leftover pieces from the production are used in other objects.

Niko Koronis for Marsotto Edizioni: “Caro Marco“.Niko Koronis for Marsotto Edizioni: “Caro Marco“.

But there are two novelties: first, the design follows more clearly architectural forms than was the case in previous collections of other designers. The side tables, for example, strongly resemble columns or towers. In other pieces, the legs of the tables or benches are designed in such a way that you can see the static conditions, that is, you can see how the weight of the tabletop is transferred to the floor.

The second novelty is the innovative surface “Powder”. The well-known matt polished version is still in the program.

We took the opportunity to visit the company’s new showroom in the creative district of Brera (via Largo Claudio Treves 2). We had not made it to Milan because of the Corona pandemic.

The showroom design is by Oki Sato of Studio Nando, who has also created several collections for Marsotto Edizioni. The entrance is surprising and stands out from all the other stores in the Brera district.

Niko Koronis for Marsotto Edizioni: “Caro Marco“.Niko Koronis for Marsotto Edizioni: “Caro Marco“.

A narrow staircase leads to the basement, lined by two perforated marble walls on glass that make the narrow staircase appear wider than it is. Downstairs, a few rooms open up, designed entirely in white.

Inevitably, one wonders what kind of white paint the walls and floor are painted with.

But you are dealing with Marsotto, clearly, and the company wants its showroom to demonstrate what is possible with marble (if you can): Both the walls and the floor are covered with high and wide marble slabs.

Marsotto Edizioni

Niko Koronis

Fotos: Alberto Strada

Marsotto Edizioni showroom in Milan, Brera district. Photos: Peter BeckerMarsotto Edizioni showroom in Milan, Brera district.Marsotto Edizioni showroom in Milan, Brera district.

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