“Marmolia“ is a serving platter on which, in addition to the food, the tableware itself is staged

Serving platter „Marmolia“.

Artist couple Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux of the Fondazione Arkad near Carrara turned to product design this time around

“Marmolia“ is the name of the latest creation of the artist couple Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux, she originating from Hong Kong and he from France. Many years ago, they established the Fondazione Arkad (Arkad Foundation) in Seravezza, not far from Carrara, which promotes art with marble. Both are known above all for their large-scale sculptures. With their latest work, they have turned to product design: “Marmolia“ is a marble serving platter, 1.5 cm thick and weighing 1300 g, so that staff can bring it to the tables without any particular effort, e.g., at receptions or catered meals.

A distinctive feature of the design is that the material itself is an attraction, giving the dishes a special setting.

Even more, the plates are cut in such a way that they can be combined into larger areas.

Servierplatte „Marmolia“.

The product was first presented at the “Enolia“ in May 2022 in Seravezza. This event was held for the 21st time and is a two-day presentation of exquisite food, the ingredients for it and cultural events around it. Basically, it’s about products from the region, like wine, olive oil, and more.

So, art and culture came together, and it was natural for Fondazione Arkad to participate. Moreover: one of the venues of Enolia was Palazzo Mediceo at the end of Seravezza, where the road leads up to the marble mountains; there, on one side of the road, is the former Medici palace and, on the other, the old marble factory where the Fondazione has its headquarters.

Servierplatte „Marmolia“.

There is one more peculiarity of Marmolia: normal wine glasses cannot be hung in the serving tray. Possible are plastic glasses without the stem, as known from supermarkets.

Marmolia, with numbering, will serve in the future as a gift for members and supporters of the Fondazione and will also be available for free sale.

Fondazione Arkad


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