TAUERNGRÜN black Serpentine with green and white veins from the foot of the Großvenediger mountain range in Austria, from German Lausitzer Steinbau company

Tauerngrün Serpentine, honed, by Lauster Steinbau.Tauerngrün Serpentine, polished, by Lauster Steinbau.
Name of the stone: Tauerngrün

Stone type: Serpentine

Color: black with green and white veins

Quarry location: Hinterbichk at the entrance to the Dorfer Valley (1600 m above sea level), at the foot of the Großvenediger mountain range in Austria’s Eastern Tyrol

Description of the Stone: Tuerngrün is a serpentine with dark green to olive black color and white and green veins. The black color doesn’t fade over the years.

Tauerngrün Serpentine, high-rise Dreischeibenhaus, Düsseldorf, Germany.Tauerngrün Serpentine, high-rise Dreischeibenhaus, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Application: Tauerngrün is used in the exterior and interior for facade cladding, flooring, masonry and paving stones, and for gravestones or sculptural work.
Finishes: polished honed, blasted

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Lauster Steinbau has been active in the quarrying and processing of natural stone for more than 200 years. In 1920, it started production on an industrial scale. One of its main issues is ecological construction which also means usage of stones from regional sources with short transportation. This is why Lauster Steinbau operates 9 quarries in Germany and Austria.

Contact: Lauster Steinbau GmbH, Enzstraße 46, D-70376 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 5967 0
Fax: +49 711 5967 50

Tauerngrün Serpentine, historical Berolinahaus, Berlin-Alexanderplatz.Tauerngrün Serpentine, historical Berolinahaus, Berlin-Alexanderplatz.