Art: Surprise of the century on occasion of the 100th anniversary

(December 2010) Since this summer all across Switzerland in parks and town squares „resting stones“ offer a welcome respite area in natural stone. These are seats similar to the Greco-Roman recline „Kline“ by Daniel and Sabine Burla or „Kunst-Matratze“ („Art-Mattress“) by Horst Bohnet seemingly discarded at random. Other examples are „Riposo“ („Rest“) with stone cushions by Marcel Robert-Tissot, „Siesta“ by Ernesto Ghenzi, „… da lass’ dich nieder“ („… lay me down to rest“) by Simon Weber or „Truncus“ („Trunk“) by Jonas Brandenberg, or last but not least „Ruhewürfel“ („Resting Dice“) taking on the shape of the Association’s Logo and designed jointly by several companies.

All of these and more were designed and constructed on the occasion of the Swiss Stone Masons’ and Sculptors’ Trade Association’s (Verband Schweizer Bildhauer- und Steinmetzmeister, VSBS) 100th anniversary. First exhibited throughout St Galen in a common exhibit, some pieces were sold and now all are distributed over the country. German craftspeople were involved in designing and completing some of the works.

The idea behind the marketing event was born by the Association’s CEO Daniela Urfer and was carried out by sculptor Ernesto Ghenzi. The stone blocks were donated by associated firms. The cost of material alone for some of the pieces ran in the 10,000 Swiss Franc-range (approx. 7,400 €).

The association hopes to shed a new and surprising light on its working sphere and on the work of sculptors and stone masons according to trade journalist Robert Stadler (see below) in the German trade journal „Stein“. Conclusion: „The surprise was a success“.

A brochure shows and describes the 100 resting stones and names the suppliers of the raw blocks implemented. It can be downloaded in pdf-format free of charge (German) or in print as a book for 30 CHF (Mail, Tel: +41 31 970 0881).

By the way: for a number of years now, Switzerland is world leader in pro-capita use of natural stone.

Verband Schweizer Bildhauer- und Steinmetzmeister (VSBS, German)

Photos: Robert Stadler, Zürich (Mail)

Daniel und Sabine Burla (Mail)

Horst Bohnet (German)

Marcel Robert-Tissot (Mail)

Ernesto Ghenzi (German)

Simon Weber (German)

Jonas Brandenberg (German)