GaLaBau in Nuremberg from September 14 to 17, 2022: “Working together for a climate-friendly future” is the key-topic

Natural stone play an important role in gardening and landscaping.

A Green-Blue-Path will guide the visitors through the fairground

GaLaBau covers the entire spectrum of the gardening and landscaping industry and attracts many visitors in decision-making roles from all segments. At this vibrant marketplace with a keen sense of community, you will acquire exclusive industry insights and have an opportunity to network with other experts. Take advantage of the opportunity to become part of this large “family gathering”!

For the first time in 2022, GaLaBau has defined a key theme devoted to the greatest global challenge of our times: climate change. In keeping with the theme “Working together for a climate-friendly future”, you’ll discover cutting-edge and sustainable products as you make your way along the Green-Blue-Path. The wide-ranging supporting program with various demonstration areas and special shows also highlights the hands-on nature of the GaLaBau event.

Several exhibitors will show topics of special interest for the stone sector like paving, sawn cobblestones, and dry-stone walling will be shown by specialized exhibitors.

According to the 2021 annual statistics from the BGL (German Association for Gardening, Landscaping and Sports Ground Construction), the institutional sponsor and founder of GaLaBau, all key economic indicators continue to point to a positive development in the sector. The growing need for more green spaces has also had a favorable impact on the performance of companies from the gardening and landscaping sector, whose revenue increased by more than three percent to €9.68 billion (€9.38 in 2020) and is set to grow even more. Moreover, the number of people working in the industry, including young people, skilled specialists and other personnel, has grown meanwhile to more than 129,000 (123,678 in 2020).

The expansion of green infrastructure in cities, increase in suitable tree populations, development of climate-resilient plants and proliferation of sustainable, resource-conserving garden concepts are all crucial to meeting the challenges of climate change. In this context, the gardening and landscaping sector is already making a substantial contribution. To gain a deeper understanding of these issues, the gardening and landscaping community is joining forces in Nuremberg for the first time under a specific theme: “Working together for a climate-friendly future”. This key theme for GaLaBau 2022 plays a pivotal role in the entire trade fair action and takes shape on site as the Green-Blue-Path. Flags are used to designate the corresponding areas and the stands of those exhibitors showing relevant solutions.

GaLaBau, September 14 – 17, 2022



Source: Nürnbergmesse

(23.08.2022, USA: 08.23.2022)