Presents: Not in search of lost time

(December 2010) Soberly, almost demurely the book makes its entrance. „Stone. 30 Projects“ is its title, and what a relief that its authors do not cut back to buildings of times gone by. On the contrary, they soberly ascertain that the beauty of heritage construction resulted from the tension between material and its possible implementation: there were no more possibilities than those realized at the time.

In today’s age of steel reinforced concrete, aluminium and glass costs are the only legitimate limit. Stone must adapt to these new terms and conditions and create a new reason for its own existence, according to the authors. The book aims to contribute with 30 projects from around the world.

The fact that Belgian stone figures predominantly is understandable in view of the fact that the publisher is Belgian and one of its authors is the secretary general of the Wallonian Natural Stone Association.

In compensation the book is published in English, French and Dutch in coffee-table-format comprising 236 pages and numerous colour photos examples for modern implementation of natural stone. Let us expound on but one – an entirely unspectacular example: presentation of cobblestone paving in the historic town of Tournai under the title „The tranquillity of stone“.

„The tranquillity of stone“ – could this be the key that opens the door to modern consumer habits and decision-making? With ,Stone – not stress’ as a slogan for the branch?

(„Stone“, Pierre Loze and Francis Tourneur, Prism Editions, 49,50 €, ISBN 978-2-930451-07-1)

Galician granite

Who could be better suited to write the history of the stone industry in Spain’s Galicia than José Gonzales Araújo – until recently, the director of its association of quarriers? In the 250 pages and over 400 photos of his book „The Granite of Galicia and its History“ the author takes a retrospective look at the sector since its beginning in the late 1920s, its main actors, and the important steps in its development.

The book is written in Galician, Spanish and English. Its price is 30 €. More information from GTI Publishers, Manuel Leirado (Mail).