BLUE STONE OF HAINAULT (Pierre Bleue de Belgique), the famous Belgian limestone appropriate for almost every application, quarried by Carrières du Hainaut company

Blue stone of Hainaut (Pierre Bleue de Belgique) from Carrières du Hainaut company.

Name of the stone: Blue stone of Hainaut (Pierre Bleue de Belgique)

Stone type: limestone

Color: blue-gray

Quarry location: quarry du Hainaut, Soignies, Wallonia, Belgium

Description of the stone: Blue Limestone of Hainaut is a natural, authentic material whose origins date back 345 million years. At that time, today’s Belgium was submerged in a tropical sea where, through sedimentation, the fossilized aquatic fauna – crinoids – and flora became a homogeneous and very compact limestone rock.

Peculiarities of the Stone: Blue stone is a durable product par excellence: It is easy to maintain, solid, durable and timeless, and further enhanced with the patina of time. It does not deteriorate and retains its properties and charm.

Application: the features of the stone and the immense deposits allow the use of Blue Stone of Hainault for almost every application and every project size: flooring and cladding inside and outside, even for foundations of buildings, stairs, window sills, paving, gardening, sculpting.

Finishes: It is available in a wide range of 26 textures and shades. It becomes magical when, due to the surface, it displays a whole range of hues from blue-gray to deep black (when polished).


Frost resistant: Yes

Company: For more than 130 years, Carrières du Hainaut has been extracting this unique and authentic stone from the Belgian ground. Its incomparable quality has earned it worldwide acclaim. By encouraging the teams’ skills and knowledge and constantly improving the tools, the company has become Europe’s largest ornamental limestone producer (200,000 m³/year). At Carrières du Hainaut the selection procedures are strict, rigorou,s and uncompromising. This outstanding quality label is your best guarantee.

Contact: Carrières du Hainaut, Rue de Cognebeau, 245B-7060 Soignies – Belgium
Tel + 32 (0)67 34 78 00

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